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Access to a full watchlist every morning with pre-market analysis, day trading levels, and other potential trades and investment ideas from several of our experienced traders- Access to our live voice chat where we trade live every single day – giving up to the second alerts and trading ideas – follow our real-time callouts- Receive all of our buy and sell signals, exact entries and exits, swing trades, and long term investment ideas.

Weekly Premium Discord Subscription

$ 25 / Weekly
  • 4 Analyst Day Trades
  • Education / Access to group chat
  • Includes Education on entries and exits for stocks and options
  • Excellent to test the waters and try us out for a week
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Monthly Premium Discord Subscription

$ 100.00 / Monthly
  • 4 Analyst Day Trades
  • Education / Access to group chat
  • Includes Education on entries and exits for stocks and options
  • Excellent for Beginners to try us out before upgrading to main package
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Monthly Ultra Premium Discord Subscription

$ 197 / Monthly
  • 4 Analyst Day Trades
  • Daily Watchlist
  • Swing Trading
  • Live Voice
  • Daily Trade Rationale’s
  • Long Term Call Outs
  • Community Premium Chat
Live Day Trading, Buy/Sell Signals, Education, Daily Watch-Lists, Swing Trading / Long term Investment Ideas, Daily Trade rationale’s, and so much more.
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Matthew M Phoenix, Arizona

Hey, I'm Matthew, and I've been here for more than a year already, and now I finally understand this server's worth. It's not about how it makes you money from options or stocks or whatever. It's ALL about education and mindset. It changes people little by little in a way they don't even realize. After being here for a while, not only do you learn sooooo much, but you start having the mindset of how to get the most out of different opportunities, how to succeed, and how, in the end, be ultimately happy with whatever you do. Thank You for this knowledge! I appreciate Stock Villagers!

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Eric P Los Angeles, California

I joined Stock Villagers and have been loving it ever since! I have no regrets, it has been worth every penny. It has helped my trading TREMENDOUSLY!! you get live flow and dark pool data, (this alone can be extremely beneficial to anyone's trading - follow the large money they said ) historical data, live chart data, historical news to live news for any ticker you would like to find out more on. Not only is all of this helpful but it is all extremely convenient too. All of this for a great price! i love it and i could not be happier with it.

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Alexis A San Francisco, Alameda

Thanks to the multiple analysts that are on stock villagers! I am paying for the premium package and couldn’t be happier with the different style traders I have met. I now have what I need in order to start my journey trading and investing and just a thank you to our whole community for actually coming together as one to run up these numbers 💰

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Leonard M New York, New York City

I want to start off by saying you changed everything I have done! All the losses I have lost on Robinhood because of the limitations have now changed due to what you have taught me! He suggested me to change from robinhood to something good like thinkorswim it took me some time but it is way easier then robinhood, also I am keeping my profits and losses short just building wealth slowly. literally it is a good thing take small profits protect your cash and the mental peace is worth thousands of dollars 💵

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Maya T San Diego, California

Wow! I am amazed and grateful for the opportunity! Thank You very much for my 1 on 1 mentoring . All my questions were answered and explained to me. I got advice on how I could do better. Thank You for taking the time to explain the knowledge.

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Betty G Orlando, Florida

I Just recently joined this server it has already helped me out so much. Its crazy how much one person can teach you if you are willing to listen. He helped me understand things about trading, I just could not get anywhere else. Thank you for answering all my questions so far. This community is absolutely amazing!

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Tyson S Las Vegas, Nevada

The support in the server is amazing and it leads to continued growth! I want to give a huge thank you for helping me pinpoint my end goal. I was provided with more info on my areas to improve (Chart Tech. Analysis, addressing risk management for the portfolio and much more). It's all about the fundamentals and being consistent &reiterated this because without those, trading wont go as smooth or intended. Thank you again! reinforcing my foundation with the knowledge you've just given me.

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Sam A Florida, Miami

Thank you for the learning session! I gained more knowledge and confidence on planning trades. The examples used made everything more clear (lots of insightful advice👌 ). Now setting up and reading charts isn't as confusing. Thank you again! 💪

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